Ecommerce, known as the electronic commerce is a term known by all. It is the online buying and selling of products and services. Nowadays people prefer to shop online than getting out of their homes and going to the store to buy stuff.

But, if you want more people to buy stuff from you via the internet, you surely need to devise some strategies that would help you increase engagement of the consumers. Businesses who want to pursue ecommerce need to keep a certain things in their minds regarding the new shopping trends. They need to ensure that they are selling what they are displaying or showing on their website.

If there is any discrepancy between what they are selling and what they are showing, the customers are going to switch over.

A recent study made on the ecommerce and online shopping disclosed a few stats that shows that if there is a delay in the speed of the page loading, customers will not show interest. Another thing that acts as a barrier between shopping and the customer is the displaying of ads. Ads can sometimes be very annoying and it can force the customer to shut down the website.

Attractive and detailed picture of the product displaying every angle can draw the customer’s attention towards it, but a video can urge the customer to shop the product. Hence, it is wise on the part of the businesses or brands to display video content related to its product to drive more customers towards it.

Social Media and its Impact on Ecommerce

Social Media not only plays a huge role in marketing but also in ecommerce. If products are marketed wisely on various social media platforms, it can help attract more followers. Every social media platform has a huge number of audience. If businesses spend money on displaying their products on social media platforms, they can indeed achieve more.

The two social media platforms that has contributed at large with ecommerce are Facebook and Instagram. These two websites are best used for business purposes as they have a huge number of audiences. The order value of people that shop online using Instagram contributes to 65 dollars.

Apart from Instagram, the order value of consumers who buy stuff using Facebook is 55 dollars. That is huge on part of the social media. Hence, we cannot doubt the power of social media.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management refers to how a company manages its interaction with its customers i.e. how it interacts with its customers. The way the company treats its customers determine the growth, and profit of that particular company. If the company provides value to the customers, the customers are going to provide the value to the company. Hence, it is very essential to determine the customer relationship management. According to the research, the customer relationship management can help retain customers by 26 percent. And, it can also help in attracting more customers towards the business.